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I rented an apartment at the beginning of 2017 as a young guy filled with energy and lots of motivational stuff at my finger tip. I applauded myself “you have just fulfilled your greatest dream in life”. I did little background enquiries about the area in terms of electricity supply, security and landlord personality before paying for the accommodation and later moved in. Although, I was warned about the landlord behaviour and attitude towards his tenants but I paid little attention to the issues because I thought the man has personal issue with the landlord. The dilemma began with the first rainfall after I have moved in, I saw that the compound was flooded and I had to walk across the water to access my apartment. The landlord pumps out the water regularly after the rain. Since that day I was filled with regret because nobody told me including my house agent and the landlord, it was too late and no one was willing to refund. Secondly, before I agreed to pay for the apartment the landlord listed the rules and regulations observe in the compound which I did not have any issue. I was disappointed when I bought my generator (Power generating set), the landlord informed the tenants on the need to regulate the use of generator which was never in the list containing the rules and regulations. We were only allowed to use the generator between the hours of 6pm to 10pm Mon to Friday and 7am- 10pm Saturday and Sunday. I was worried because I didn’t sign-up for such regulation, imagine you have a visitor, you have a job to be completed with your laptop or even food item in the refrigerator and there is no power supply, it was so frustrating. Then I knew I was going to move out of the house. There were other issues time might not allow me to talk about, issues like “landlord inflation of Power bill (NEPA Bill) and you can’t complain if you don’t want trouble”, “not all visitor are allowed”, “you must not wash inside your bathroom” etc. My neighbours welcomed me to the situation and told me they were making arrangement to relocate. We were three tenants; two persons later left and before I left the new tenants started complaining about the landlord’s attitude. I have said this and I will say it again “I will not recommend anyone to rent an apartment in that compound” I promise you will move within one or two year max.

I began to think about the whole issues, if I or other tenants have had enough information about the apartment it would have saved us the stress. We rely on the house agents to give us the details of the apartment/properties and sometimes they misinform us because they are after the money. Assuming we have a platform where we go to get information posted by previous occupants about the apartment/property before we rent or buy it will help to look out for those issues that might lead to regret. It was on that note was created.

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