“Do your home work else you become a moving target…”

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Sometime last year, I moved into a self con in a ‘supposedly’ good neighborhood
I later learnt my landlady had a son staying with her (I did not bother to ask before I moved in, I certainly felt it was none of my business).
Barely 1 week after moving in, I spent money repainting and tiling the entire apartment. My landlady’s son came around during the tiling and He complained to his Mum about how I could be tiling a place that was not mine. The landlady told him He should be excited because I certainly won’t remove the tiles whenever my rent expires. I was giving the house a face-lift. Or so I thought.
Then I traveled to Osun state for a speaking engagement. Like I always do, I double checked to ensure my door was locked.
On getting home that night, I found my door open……I could smell trouble…..then found my laptop bag open (more trouble).
My laptop was gone.
It certainly was an inside job. The door lock was intact.
The police did their investigation and strongly suspected my landlady’s son but had no concrete evidence.
In a miraculous twist, the thief happened to sell the laptop to someone who took it to the office of a friends younger brother. Luckily, He had seen my laptop before. He alerted me and with the help of the police, we were able to recover my laptop (sadly, they had formatted it twice).
Guess who stole it?
It was my landlady’s weed smoking, earring wearing, tattoo spotting, late night keeping son that stole my PC.
Needless to say, I moved out of the apartment.
When you are in a place and you seem to be the only good news, you are a moving target. When you are living with or close to people with extremely questionable character, you’re a moving target.
Before you move into a place, do your research well, ask for the phone number of the person that just left the apartment. Ask why they left. Talk to neighbors… ask like someone who is casually interested in the area. You’ll get actionable Intel. Do your home work else you become a moving target.
Where I stay now is not an estate per-say but it has lots of self cons and lots of interesting people… no desperate/crazy/unreasonable neighbor. I hope my sermon inspires you.

  1. Opara Princewill

    This is interesting, I always do my background check before moving into a new location

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