is an online platform that focuses on status and reviews of Houses/Properties. HouseStatus is a community where users post or get information, remarks and testimonies of houses/properties before they rent or buy them. These feedback are posted by previous tenants or occupants of those houses/properties. Imagine you decide to rent or buy a house/property, the house agent or landlord may not provide enough information about the house/property, information like Electricity supply, Security, flooding/water-log, Landlord restrictions and regulations, and also information about the neighborhood. You may be disappointed and regret after buying the house/property or renting them. provides you with the relevant information to decide whether a house/property and its environment are suitable for you or not. You may want a perfect location for your business or a serene environment to raise your kids is the right place to get that information. Also, users will get the benefit of locating House agents, vacant houses and properties (land and house) for sale or rent.